Iran: ID card rule highlights plight of Baha’i

Iran: ID card rule highlights plight of Baha’i

At a time of rapid change in the world today, humanity needs, more than ever, a unified vision of the nature and purpose of our lives and of the future of our society. Throughout history, God has sent to humanity, according to the needs of the time, a series of Divine Educators, known as Manifestations of God. The current turmoil in the world can be viewed as humanity experiencing the turbulence of adolescence. However, His attributes are reflected in the world around us, and His teachings and guidance are given to humanity through the Divine Educators, or Manifestations of God, who usher in new religious eras and unfold new horizons of human potential. Find out more These gatherings engender a collective spirit of solidarity and service to the community.


He was a devout Shi’a Muslim, and by the age of 13 or 14 He discussed intricate religious matters with leading ulema. As the custom of the day, the family would arrange marriages for their young sons or daughters. She was fifteen at the time, and entitled The Most Exalted Leaf.

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The members of the elected institutions function corporately for a prescribed term of office. The Institution of the Counselors. Although these appointed institutions have corporate functions at the international and, to a limited extent, the continental levels, most of the work at the grass roots is accomplished through individual activity by the members. Exile and Imprisonment, He appointed no living Hands of the Cause.

Marzieh Gail, 1st softcover ed. The Guardianship and the Universal House of Justice. He gives the Guardian exclusive responsibility for appointing and directing the Hands of the Cause: “The Hands of the Cause of God must be nominated and appointed by the guardian of the Cause of God. This body of the Hands of the Cause of God is under the direction of the guardian of the Cause of God.

He must continually urge them to strive and endeavor to the utmost of their ability to diffuse the sweet savors of God, and to guide all the peoples of the world, for it is the light of Divine Guidance that causeth all the universe to be illumined. They must manifest the fear of God by their conduct, their manners, their deeds and their words. They are to be “ever watchful”—alert to any who might oppose the Guardian or claim authority for themselves.

How to Get Thoroughly Acquainted: One Baha’i’s Perspective on Dating

Register or Login. Quick links. All research or baihe questions. Thank you for sharing your information! Kind Regards,. If you’re in a dating to investigate one another’s character, then i personally don’t see a problem with it.

Baháʼí marriage is union of a man and a woman. Its purpose is mainly spiritual and is to foster for oneself is respect for one’s parents. Reversing the degradation of women and children is a subject of much attention in the Baháʼí Faith.

Neither will seek to curtail the specific and undoubted authority with which both have been divinely invested. This means that I have to think and act for myself. I realise that I am very fortunate because when I joined the Bahai community scholarship was encouraged and so I have decades of exposure to cultures within and outside the Bahai community to not only develop some skills in research but also a wide circle of Bahais who I can consult. In fact I cannot discuss any of these topics in any Bahai community setting because the fear is so much that I could be branded a covenant breaker even though I would have never challenged the authority the UHJ has to rule and make policy without any restrictions.

My impression is that most Bahais see nothing wrong with homosexuality but feel conflicted and so avoid the topic. The point of the Bahai Administration, as I see it, is to give structure but not to be like a priest class instructing individuals how to think and behave. I see an alternative to the current situation. They could create a community where unregistered members are overtly equally welcome and involved. But such a statement needs to be stated clearly, so a potential member knows that in this community, each time my family experiences any form of discrimination, that there is a structure in place — whether a support person or group or the whole community, where this issue could be brought up as a topic for consultation so I, my partner and children feel safe and welcome, and so the openness becomes a form of protection.

And it seems to me that Abdul-Baha views marriage as culturally bound and being a social teaching, would mean that the definition of Bahai marriage is not something set in stone. However those unions between relatives that are not explicitly treated, are referred to the House of Justice, which will give a ruling based on the culture, medical requirements, wisdom, and the capacity of human nature.

Carol Handy Pens a Religious Historical Novel about the Baha’I Faith

Please purchase a subscription to read our premium content. If you have a subscription, please log in or sign up for an account on our website to continue. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. Updated: August 23, pm. Tyree Byndom’s past relationships with white women made his mother believe this one wouldn’t work. Tyree is black, and Jesca, the woman he had been dating, is white.

Baha’i is a form of faith that emerged in 19th century Persia and follows three core principles: unity of God, religion and humankind. The Baha’is believe that.

He was unequivocal in his language,. Exhortations to remain pure and chaste will only succeed to a limited degree in helping them to resist these. What needs to be appreciated in this respect is the extent to which young minds are affected by the. It is the sacred. The following is a letter written by the Universal House of Justice in response to an inquiry from a father. However, there is no indication that it will resemble the practices extant in existing cultures….

Therefore, when discussing the issue of courtship with your sons, it would be best to. This practice does not in itself contradict. However, in a relationship in which such a. Each family member has rights which should. However, we hasten to point. What type of advice is possible? It calls for the abandonment of a frivolous conduct, with its.


THE Israeli city of Haifa is having a busy few days. On April 16th, in the twisting alleys around the harbour, Christians celebrated Easter. The previous day, local Jews had worshipped in their synagogues on their Passover sabbath. And from April 20th, a small community of Bahais will begin Ridvan , their most important festival.

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House of Worship. Louis Bourgeois , George A. Two World Wars and the Great Depression slowed things down. He began his work on the structure in and moved his studio to a building across the street from the site, to be closer to his project. The building combines neoclassical symmetry, Gothic ribbing, a Renaissance dome, a Romanesque clerestory and Islamic arabesque tracery with the suggestion of minarets.

The carvings on the nine exterior pillars reference various world religions with symbols like the Star of David, crucifixes and the Islamic star and crescent. The gardens contain both rectangular approaches and circular gardens, reflecting Eastern and Western influences. Limestone, granite, terra cotta and aluminum were all considered before concrete was selected.

But John Earley, a fifth generation stone carver who came from a family of ecclesiastical artists, made the concrete beautiful. Inspired by Italian pebble mosaics, Earley developed a method of exposing the larger pebbles in the aggregate of the concrete mixture.

Bahá’í House of Worship

It can be hard to know how to approach this topic, and while many of us realize that the concept and practice of dating in much of society today is largely inappropriate, it can be hard to determine how to get to know a person really well, while at the same time remaining steadfast in the Cause and staying within the framework of chastity.

Each must, however, exercise the utmost care to become thoroughly acquainted with the character of the other, that the binding covenant between them may be a tie that will endure forever. Their purpose must be this: to become loving companions and comrades and at one with each other for time and eternity. Problems with alcohol or drugs. Problems with chastity e. This may well continue into marriage.

Hide caption. The Shrine of the Báb, in Haifa, Israel, His final resting place, sits majestically on Mount Carmel, a place of pilgrimage for Baha’is.

Welcome to a three-part series about couples who fell in love while engaging in community service. Read part one and part three. Each must, however, exercise the utmost care to become thoroughly acquainted with the character of the other, that the binding covenant between them may be a tie that will endure forever. Zia and Wilfred first met in Virginia. They met at a seminar that covered several of these books.

Initially, Wilfred says, he tried not to pay attention to how he felt. There was just something about her voice and mannerisms and just in [her] eyes. It turns out, the feeling was mutual. A month after they met, they decided to start getting to know each other better. Sometimes, they would also plan meals to cook together, so they could have virtual dinners.

He would act according to what was expected by his parents and with respect. Take ye counsel together in all matters, inasmuch as consultation is the lamp of guidance which leadeth the way, and is the bestower of understanding. There is nothing sweeter in the world of existence than prayer.

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