Five boxing fights to make in 2020 include welterweight showdown, heavyweight unification

Five boxing fights to make in 2020 include welterweight showdown, heavyweight unification

Manual Home. A fighter is comprised of a number of attributes which represent their fighting style and competency in specific areas relating to their boxing and physical skills. These attributes are at the heart of the game and are used as part of the management and game world models. Unless specified, fighter attributes are rated where 1 represents the lowest possible value and 20 the highest possible value. The higher the Ring Generalship attribute, the more potential that the fighter can dictate or control the flow of the fight. There are of course countless fighters through the ages that have made their names and reputation without necessarily possessing a knockout punch. Aggression has two broad effects. Firstly, in the ring it can be used to intimidate less aggressive fighters. The fistic art of boxing relies as much on avoiding being hit as it does on landing punches. Factored against the accuracy of his opponents punches, a fighter with a strong defence can often seem difficult to beat even if their other attributes are not so strong.

Matchmaker or Agent License Form

Reggie Strickland, a middleweight from Indianapolis, fights once a month, often more. Though he is not without talent, Strickland has made his mark as a perennial loser during 17 years of professional fighting; he has lost of fights, some under his name and some under pseudonyms like Reggie Buse and Reggie Raglin. Verdell Smith, a welterweight from Bartlesville, has also established himself as a journeyman capable of providing an up-and-coming boxer with a challenging match that does not usually carry with it the risk of defeat.

Smith, whose record is , has also fought under a variety of names.

I also, manage several professional boxers around the country. If you are a boxer​, promoter, matchmaker, booking agent or manager and need a fight or fights to.

Whicker: Trampler, G Does the heavy bag start bleeding when he hits it? Can you break 2-by-4s against his hard chin?. Add to Chrome. Sign in. Home Local Classifieds. News Break App. News Break Whicker: Trampler, G FanSided 16d. Valerie Loureda took her time and picked her shots before landing the definitive blow at the end of the second.

The Matchmakers

Sign up Log in. By Adam Haniver. Understanding how we learn is surely the most important tool in any coaches skill set. Getting better starts with us, the coaches Listen on. Where to listen.

Matchmaking Boxing. Visit our Blog gt. Heres what it really. View as Dating Even looking for. its unclear if online sex dating popular Internet. com, consider.

If you do it well, you do so in relative obscurity. Sure, the insiders know who you are and rely on your expertise while the diehard fans may speak your name in reverent tones, but there are no front page stories on your exploits, no high-profile speaking engagements to pad your wallet. Get Fighter A to take on Fighter B, done. Yet even more notable was his integrity in a business with little of it, and the generosity he had with his time for anyone who wanted to talk boxing.

Then again, for such a high-pressure gig with seemingly low rewards, pretty much every notable matchmaker has an open door policy when it comes to breaking down the finer points of their job. If you think you know boxing, a chat with a longtime matchmaker will clear your head of that notion. And once clear, it opens the door for you to learn the game from the inside out.

There could be many. Job security is always nice, for one, and the good ones will always find work because there are so few good ones. Olympic gold medalist Andre Ward got rocked by Kenny Kost in his second pro fight. That would be such a major embarrassment for me too if I got the guy beat. When do you make that step-up fight, when do you work in a tricky southpaw or a rugged veteran, and when do you put your fighter in with the kind of opponent that put his lights out with one shot?

And with Reid, I had it in mind to have him prepared and ready by his 12th fight to fight for the world title.

The Protected Fighter: Boxing’s Modern Day Matchmaking and Avoiding the Best Fights

Matchmaking in the world of boxing has long been a feast-or-famine proposition, though hurdles involving various promotions, networks, streaming services and alphabet organizations have increased complications significantly. Still, in recent years, boxing fans have been treated to some thrilling contests involving high level opposition.

Now, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the boxing world to hit pause and fans are left to fantasy matchmaking. The CBS Sports experts are no different, revisiting our thoughts on what fights need to be made before comes to an end.

If you think you know boxing, a chat with a longtime matchmaker will bad and the ugly of the matchmaking game, and the fact that he’s still.

This is a resource for athletes and representatives to find potential matches for FEMALE opponents and sparring partners. Select the appropriate form and submit as much pertinent info for your listing as possible. If you are a representative please limit details about specific fighters submit individual athlete listings instead. We can include links to the fighters you represent. Curated, edited, and brought to you by Machina Boxing Contact us or submit a story fuel machinaboxing.

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Loyer is in professional boxing matchmaker. But it’s still very limited in time and very local. For my part, I am independent.

With guest speaker Ben Harmsworth of Guildford City ABC, we talk about the monster which is matchmaking!

The Matchmaking Database is intended for the sole use of Club Competition Secretaries or their nominated Password holders for the purposes of Matchmaking only. Mis-use of any information including e-mail addresses for commercial purposes will result in legal action under the Data Protection Act Access to the full database is granted when your list is verified as genuine by Warrior Boxing. Please note: Failure to update your list on a regular basis may result in it’s removal in order for us to maintain the relevance of the information and integrity of the database as a whole.

Payment of the administration fee does not grant automatic access to the information on offer if your clubs details are out of date and all monies paid will be forfeited should this be the case and your list is removed. Please note: Warrior Boxing has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website. However, the information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Warrior Boxing does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained on this database.

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About Miura

Anyone familiar with me knows that I make odds on just about everything, and one of those things is boxing, including a lot of the lesser-profile fights that are on the agenda. Not to promoters. Not to writers or broadcasters who cover the game. Not even to fighters. Their input is invaluable from a handicapping standpoint because in the process of doing their job, matchmakers are constantly thinking in terms of the percentage chance; the likelihood, of one fighter beating another.

”Outside of boxing, people will call it fight fixing, but inside of boxing this is the art of matchmaking,” said Sean Gibbons, a matchmaker and.

Newsletter Sign Up. Enter a search term Search. By Thomas Hauser “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, Find me a find, catch me a catch Matchmaker, matchmaker, look through your book, And make me a perfect match. He has the toughest job in boxing that doesn’t involve taking punches. The first thing to know about it is that the matchmaker works for the promoter, not the fans. Thus, he serves the promoter’s interests.

The threshhold question a matchmaker asks when filling out a card is, “What do I want to accomplish with these fights? That means finding an opponent who will be a good learning experience, go some rounds, and test the fighter to determine where his skill level is. The way a fighter wins is also important in terms of developing him as an attraction. Sometimes, the promoter is simply trying to develop a boxer into a ticket-seller whether he can fight or not.

Here, conscience can be an impediment for the matchmaker, who is expected to arrange what is essentially a bloody public sacrifice.

Whicker: Trampler, Goodman are champs at boxing’s matchmaking game

Miura Boxing is a company dedicated to boxing in its modality of Management, international matchmaking and promoter of professional boxing shows. Miura Boxing was born in in Mexico with the main goal to manage the career and develop Mexican boxing talent to see the birth of new Mexican boxing stars and idols. At Miura Boxing we look for success every day, in everything we do and we are convinced that success is the fruit of developed talent with perseverance, dedication and discipline.

A Miura fighter never gives up, nothing stops a Miura. That is our mentality, it is our essence, that is who we are. Manuel is very close to the fighters of the team and he is involved in boxing for the sake of and respect for this sport.

The fee for a Boxing Matchmaker License is $ The License is valid until the September 30th following the date the licensed is issued. What is the fee and.

The club offers weekly sessions which are run by former Olympic coach Brian Hinkley. Brian is a level 4 registered Head Coach so you will be taught sparring as well as tactical and fitness exercises. There is no requirement to progress through to competition if you do not wish to do so. However, should you wish to compete, Brian and our competitions officer will provide matchmaking with an appropriate position and corner for you on the night.

To be allowed to compete you will need to be registered and undertake a medical. Our classes create an opportunity for everyone to take part in boxing-inspired fitness sessions to provide students with the fitness, health and stress busting benefits that come with training like a boxer. The sessions are open to all ability levels and beginners are welcome. We train in a fully equipped martial arts centre with padded floor, punch bags, focus pads, kick shields, skipping ropes and protective equipment.

We also offer weekly My Lifestyle classes for anyone who wants to try boxing but aren’t interested in the contact form of the sport or in boxing competitively.

Anastasia Orlova, matchmaking and phone tapping stories

Oleksandr Usyk, my fighter of the year , is one of boxing’s pound-for-pound best. Regardless of who he’s facing, it’ll be a welcome sight to have Usyk back in the ring after his month layoff due to a torn right biceps. Usyk became the undisputed cruiserweight world champion in July when he toyed with Murat Gassiev in the World Boxing Super Series final.

He retained his two belts and took two from Gassiev to become the first cruiserweight of the four-belt era to unify all the titles. He made it look easy in the process.

BM: What is your boxing background and how did you become a matchmaker? DW: I was brought up in east London, around Mile End where I.

Does the heavy bag start bleeding when he hits it? Can you break 2-by-4s against his hard chin? Trampler and Goodman are the most respected matchmakers in boxing. They are also the Top Rank gatekeepers, strategists, wielders of reality. Nearly every prominent fighter over the past 50 years has been with Top Rank. With a big promotional company, you need ability but also marketability.

Then the fans rip the fight. When Mayweather was going to fight Genaro Hernandez, we got him some taller guys to prepare against. Sometimes we line them up with lefties.

BOXING; Boxers Who Are Losers; Promoters Who Love Them

Sometimes the promoter alone will make the fights. Now at this point I bet I know what your thinking I already knew that but how do they do it. After all a big part of this job is to make sure the fans see an entertaining fight and they get value for money. So on paper at least it seems like a very easy job but I believe it is the toughest job in boxing apart from been a fighter because they have to made the right matches at the right time, and although they try and keep the fans happy it is important to remember that he works for the promoters and fighters not the fans.

So really been a matchmaker is a fine line between making matches that the fans want to see and making fights that will make money for the promoters and the fighters. I hope this has helped you understand the role of a matchmaker.

And make me a perfect match.” Lyrics by Shelson Harnick, Fiddler on the Roof Pity the poor matchmaker. He has the toughest job in boxing that.

Boxing is one of the world’s true global sports. From Mexico to China and everywhere between, wherever you find people in large numbers, you’ll find prize fighting. A top pay-per-view fight can generate revenue in the hundreds of millions. With that much money at stake, is it any wonder that the competition for top fighters and matches is fierce and often unforgiving? There are many pieces to the puzzle when it comes to building a successful boxing event. Promoters, matchmakers, managers and television executives all have roles to play.

And, of course, without the boxers themselves, there would be no event at all. A successful boxing match, however, needs star power to make a dent in the sports world’s collective consciousness. Not all boxers are created equal. Unknown and developing fighters aren’t able to draw an audience, either to the arena or on television. That makes stars, and those who command the puppet strings of the stars, especially important and powerful in boxing.


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